The goal of this project is to create development services with a lever to meet the unique needs of SMEs in such a way the content fits to the adaptability capability of the SME in question. The levers are digitation (including knowledge work, work flow), gamification (including learning, training, and user satisfaction), and knowledge management (including management methods and objects in relation to productivity and well-being at work). The purpose of these rapid experiments and the underlying case (briefcase, “salkku” in Finnish) concept is to inspire and motivate the staff and management at target companies to persevering development practice using collaborative experiment-oriented culture. The briefcase is the concrete product that enables the efficient dissemination of the lever-based tool for increasing productivity and work-being at work. The briefcase is used by the SMEs to evaluate and develop their performance and manage the change process. This can be done in collaboration with local universities.

 The actions to reach the goals are:

1. Clear off obstacles at work that hinder possible positive change experiments of productivity and growth

2. Delivering case-specific pilots to enhance productivity and well-being at work

3. Creating a productivity and well-being at work briefcase service and tool with digitalization, gamification and knowledge management levers to ease the experiments and take care of the change management.

4. Dissemination of the solutions and best practices that increase and enhance productivity and well-being at work.